The Wormwold Saga - Shop


Welcome to the Wormworld Shop! This is the place where the fantastic realm of the Wormworld Saga and the real world meet.


How it all began

In 2006 a story was born. Better to say, Jonas was born. A little boy in an attic kneeing in front of an enchanted painting asking himself whether he should enter it or not.

Here does the whole adventure start - Jonas‘ and ours.

The first storytelling threads lying within the painting 'The Journey Begins' developed a life of their own and for the following years the story of the little boy grew and grew and ultimately became the Wormworld Saga – a story desperately waiting to be told!

Having been employed full-time at a computer game studio let only little time to work on the story. But in the evenings, after work, the first chapter of the Wormworld Saga graphic novel arose and was finally published on Christmas Day 2010 after one year’s work.


Here’s where you join the adventure!

In the first weeks of 2011 – the craziest in our lives, with the Wormworld Saga being published and our son being born – the reader’s responses, their enthusiasm and interest for the project were overwhelming. In a short time the first readers had spread the word so widely that after a couple of weeks the Wormworld Saga was read more than 250,000 times! The fans started to translate the story into their languages and donated for its ongoing development. The feedback and words of encouragement were amazing and you really made us walk on the air!

From this point on stepping back was impossible. In those days we understood that the dream of being able to tell the Wormworld Saga could come true and we committed to work hard to bring the project as far as we could!

Trying to make a living

From the very beginning we wanted to keep the Wormworld Saga free of charges and ads. However, our dream was to work full-time on the story and to be able to publish several chapters a year. Naturally, the question arouse how we would be able to make a living out of this.

Our first step on this quest was to create an app where readers could not only read the graphic novel on their tablet devices, but would also get a lot of special features and background information for a fair price. To fund this idea we started a kickstarter campaign in March 2011 and again the fan support was amazing so that we were able to entrust a professional app developer with the production of the Worworld Saga App which was proudly published in October 2011.

Meanwhile we teamed up with the German publisher Tokyopop who helped us to realize a gorgeous print edition of the Wormworld Saga and further encouraged by your warm and constant support we finally decided to go the whole hog: In July 2011 Daniel quit his job to work full-time on the Wormworld Saga! Nervous but high spirited we started into a new phase in our lives.


The Wormworld Shop

With the Wormworld Saga now expanding into the print world and a constantly growing fan-base that was gathering behind the project we wondered if it might be the right time to bring more of the Wormworld Saga to the real world. What if we'd try to realise our own Wormworld Saga merchandising product line? It sounded daring but we were instantly hooked by that idea and after putting many months of work into designing products and searching for manufacturers, we started our second kickstarter campain called “The Wormworld Saga Treasure Chest“.

Again your response was awesome and so we were able to produce mysterious forest creatures, fancy Wormworld Saga outfits, must-have fan accessories and unique collectibles. We've already sent out approximately 600 packages full of Wormworld Saga goodies as rewards to our fellow backers. What is more, thanks to you we were capable to stock up and take the Wormworld Saga to the next Level: The Wormworld Shop!

So, here we are, happy, proud, nervous, hopeful and ready to open the treasure chest for you! We are looking forward to provide you all those beautiful items that we've developed with particular care and dedication and hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

With your help we can hopefully continue the exciting adventure that is the Wormworld Saga.


Thanks for sharing our vision,

Daniel & Cristina