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"Die Wormworld Saga" - Band 2 (German)

Reading educates! Especially in a foreign language! That's why we highly recommend you the first volume of the Wormworld Saga in German - no matter if you are German or not! And don't worry... the pictures will help ;-)

"Die Wormworld Saga" Band 2 is bound in shiny hardcover. All content of the book is in German language. The 96 pages feature chapters 4 and 5 of the Wormworld Saga and two articles from the Wormworld Saga App's special content. Additionally, the book comes with an A3 sized double sided poster which features the cover illustration on the front and the info graphic "Der Lauf der Dinge" on the back. The book and the poster are both hand-signed by Daniel Lieske and the book comes with a red Wormseal stamp.

Also, all books from the Wormworld Shop now come with a free "Trusted Blade" bookmark in the shape of Jonas' wooden sword.

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