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"Orion - Hero of a Thousand Stars"

Outside it's raining, you've burnt your meal, your cat peed on the carpet - sometimes you just want to dream you away! The Wormworld Saga paintings can help! Just focus on one of the paintings and travel far, far away....

The posters are an inexpensive alternative to the high quality prints and will guarantee you a mental escape when you're boss is yelling at you, for example.

The Poster "Orion - Hero of a Thousand Stars" is a replica of the poster in Jonas' room in Grannie's house. The poster can be seen hanging on the wall in several panels of Chapter 1 and 2.

This poster print is produced on poster quality paper (135g/m²). It measures 42x59,4cm (DIN A2)(16,5x23,4 inches).

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