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"Trusted Blade Deluxe"

Strenght, glory, innocence, courage, vulnerability, tenderness, authenticity, kindness, commitment, fragility, determination, truth and imagination ...
When you look at this wonderful collector's item it will remind you of all those heart-warming attributes you appreciate about Jonas and bring a little bit of the Wormworld Saga spirit to your home.

The "Trusted Blade Deluxe" set contains the sword replica and a wooden display with a laser engraved design reflecting the unbridled power of fire.
The sword can be fixed on the display with an additional long screw that goes through both the sword and the display.

The sword is made of ash wood, the display is made of bated oak wood. A paper label is attached to the back of the display which bears the Wormseal stamp and is signed and dated. Every sword has a unique serial number embossed into the hilt.

Size of the display: 50 x 20cm (19,7'' x 7,9'')

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